…when people already start doubting their resolutions; letting the old, well-worn stories about who they’ve always been and what they’ve always done creep in and take advantage of the fact that change is hard, uncomfortable, in the beginning.
Biochemistry drives behavior; that’s a fact. And behavior creates day-by-day empirical evidence we then use to weave into our beliefs about who we are.
I want to help you stop talking yourself out of being great.
I want to help you put the discomfort into a healthy, logical context each day as you build new habits and overcome old behaviors that hurt you body, that don’t serve you.
Because the discomfort isn’t the problem. You’re crazy-strong – and you know that. The problem is the way you perceive the discomfort.
I want to help you wake up. Reconnect your body’s brain, liver, pancreas, digestive system to its ancient, built-in wisdom about what it needs.
Muscle, bone, flesh…all are a unified, beautiful system giving you a miraculous container with which to bring forth the blessings God made you for.
Your body is not something to war against. And that’s what severe caloric restriction diets, chronic cardio/over-exercise, and demonizing certain nutrients serve to do. Hurt you. Starve you. Drive you into the ground. Make you feel empty.
Nutrition should nourish, satisfy, fortify.
Exercise should move you, energize you, restore you, strengthen you. Reconnect you to your power and potential.
If that hasn’t been your experience so far, and your life tells a story of being stuck in a rut, or spinning your wheels…starting that dark, gritty push of the boulder up the mountain, only to slide right back down… let me help you start in a new way.
I implore you, with compassion and urgency, to not delude yourself with the ‘tomorrow lie.’ I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll try again Monday. Maybe next month….
Because your life is not some future event. Your life is now. Unlocking your best self begins with the “ground” you create, and what you put on your plate.
And with good, whole, unprocessed nutrition, daily movement, and the love, resonance and support of a good coach and group, your life can be radically transformed.
Your health and happiness matter.
YOU matter.
And tomorrow is today.