Why I Coach:

To help you find YOUR fitness.

To guide you in nailing YOUR nutrition.

Because YOU matter.

And tomorrow…well, it’s TODAY.

Why I coach

Results I Deliver

I’ve survived and thrived beyond two total hip replacements. I know what it’s like to be 100 pounds overweight and feel as though there’s no hope. I also know picking myself up, dusting myself off, and deciding enough is enough.

I understand the journey of rediscovering our strength, resolve and vitality, one day, one right choice, one prayer at a time…and the grace, grit and growth required to break free of the guilt, shame and old scripts that hold us back from living our best lives.

I love exercise instruction, nutrition science and helping others. I’m 100% invested in paying my knowledge and experiences in these areas forward as a fitness coach.

This is my passion, and I’m all in. I’m actively helping others define and work toward the realization of their fitness goals, and it’s one of the most powerful and rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.

I will stay strong. I will honor and challenge my body and mind every day. I will make no excuses, will not sell myself short. I will lead others in harnessing the self-awareness and skills to do the same.

Clarity is power, and success comes through daily commitment to living life as a learner…to building and applying skills toward outcomes you are passionate about.

my story

My WHY: Why I Coach - My Vision and Passion

I am about depth rather than width. I care about people, not numbers. I have been through some stuff – as well all have. But I truly believe that my learnings, earned and embodied through my experiences, can help others – if I am brave enough, vulnerable enough, and willing to work hard enough to share them. That’s why I am here. That’s why I care.


The Ground2Goal Fitness Success Formula

 Community + Exercise + Nutrition = Goals Defined & Achieved! One of the most rewarding aspects of being a coach is the conversations I have with you about where you’re at and what you need and want for your health and fitness. 


The Value I Bring as Your Coach

I believe in you. I will see potential in you that you won’t. I will push you past limits and help you achieve long term success. I am passionate about fitness, and have been teaching Group Exercise since 1988. I hold GroupEx certification, and through my weight loss journey and double hip replacements, I have developed an intense and careful focus on SMART modifications to exercise that protect joints and physical longevity while still providing challenging and vigorous workouts! Let’s do this!


The Value you Bring: What you contribute as a team member

As a member of team Ground2Goal Fitness, you bring your unique perspectives, experiences and insights to a group of people who are in it with you on a journey toward better fitness. No one can walk your path, nor you anyone else’s…but the gifts of objective, positive and guiding supports you can give to one another are priceless. People who join my Ground2Goal Team are lifetime members – because this is a lifelong journey; there is no finish line.


together we can

Shame isolates. connection liberates.

By learning a bit more about you, I can be prepared to talk with you, to listen and understand:

Where you are now, What you feel you need to be successful in your efforts to build better fitness and nutrition, etc.

We can talk at a time that works for you. I’ll listen and learn. I’ll answer your questions. And together, we’ll determine the best way forward!


We can talk at a time that works for you. I’ll listen and learn. I’ll answer your questions. And together, we’ll determine the best way forward!